Kinetic sculptures 'Dartmoor Pony of the Apocalypse' and 'Sol' at the Museum of Mechanical Art and Design, Stratford upon Avon.
MAD museum
2014: May 31st - June 22nd. Exhibiting sculptures at Tim Andrews Gallery, Woodbury, Exeter.
'Solar' group exhibition Woodbury studio Gallery
2013: July 5,6,7th. Assisting Rob firing at 'Art in Clay' show at Hatfield.
Art in Clay
art in clay logo
2012: June. Portugal. Assisting Rob raku-fire his new body of work.
Video midnight raku firing in Portugal.
2011: March / April. 30 days at Pinewood Studios working on Ridley Scott's Prometheus, with Ceramicist Rob Sollis. I inscribed the alien text as Rob threw over 70 'Ampules' against the clock.
prometheus ampules
Link to Rob Sollis's blog
Video raku firing at Pinewood video.
2011: May. Works on show at Delamore Arts, Delamore Estate, Devon.
Delamore Arts
2010: Steel Figure Sculptures at The Bowie Gallery Totnes
The Bowie gallery
2010: May - September. Concrete Face and Steel figures at The Mythic Garden, Dartmoor
The Mythic Garden, Stone Lane Gardens