Andrew Woodward is a British artist specializing in kinetic sculpture / automata.
Over 25 years he has built an established reputation, and has exhibited in London and across the South West and has pieces held in collections nationally and internationally. He lives on the edge of Dartmoor, and his work is often involved with environmental issues and natural history.

He is currently producing a series of mechanical heads; Clockwork Artificial Intelligence...

He has worked as a prop maker for films, and in 2011 worked with ceramicist
Rob Sollis at Pinewood studios on Ridley Scott's Prometheus. He inscribed the alien script, glazed and fired over 70 of Sollis's hand-thrown "ampules" featured in the film.

He enjoys working in a broad range of media and styles; film, sculpture, drawing and painting; figurative and abstract.

The works represented here span over twenty years of production, some are available; please use the contact form for information or commissions.